Your Documents Your Trust

Corporate Overview

Who We Are

ACI is a leading provider of document & data management solutions with special emphasis on document processing/automation and retrieval services. For almost four decades we have been helping organizations throughout North America, in both the private and public sectors, manage documents more cost effectively. ACI is a privately held company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our team of dedicated professionals is focused on accuracy, integrity and customer satisfaction.

ACI serves a broad list of clients including many of Canada’s Top 500 companies. Our client list is comprised of organizations in such diverse fields as financial services, manufacturing, retailing, communications, health care, education, public utilities and government.


ACI’s mission is to help organizations in both the private and public sectors improve the cost-effectiveness of their document & data management activities in order to make more productive use of their resources.


ACI recognizes the need for the provision of uninterrupted service to our clients. In order to meet this need, ACI has established a secure, fully equipped co-location facility which duplicates all processes and services provided at our primary location, including alternate power sources, duplicate equipment and staff cross-training.


ACI has provided document & data management services to many of Canada’s top companies for more than three decades and is considered a leader and authority in our industry. Our hands-on knowledge and expertise uniquely positions us to deliver a complete document management solution, including its implementation in our clients’ environment. Here are some of the many benefits your firm will gain by partnering with ACI:

  • Use of our expertise in document & data management
  • Accurate, timely, reliable and secure records conversion service
  • Best practices for document security, access and compliance
  • Streamlined document processes
  • Minimal disruption to daily workflow and activities
  • Reduced document storage costs and operating expenses
  • Gain significant reduction of daily workload and activity
  • Cost control of total project
  • Committed time frame for project completion
  • All work guaranteed by ACI
  • Full-time management of the project by experienced professionals
  • No requirement for additional administration, staff hiring and equipment.