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Leadership Team

ACI’s success is driven by the strengths of its team members. Meet the executives who successfully guide a team of dedicated professionals to make ACI a leader in the field of automated solutions for document and data-driven business processes.

Wayne Pinney

VP – Research & Development

Wayne Pinney
Wayne’s role at ACI is to recognize our clients’ needs before they do and to develop solutions which exceed their expectations! As a long-time IT professional with an extensive background in computer programming, systems design, financial information systems implementations and significant experience in managing large teams of IT professionals – Wayne is very well equipped to fulfill his role.

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Anne Allen

VP – Operation & Administration

Anne AllenAnne’s extensive experience in data capture and in business methods and procedures provides our production team with the guidance required to meet our customer commitments in an accurate, secure and timely manner. Without our long-term team of dedicated professionals, ACI would not have achieved its success in providing its clients with quality solutions and excellent customer service. Anne’s unique ability to create an environment that incorporates the ‘human’ element, fostering synergy and teamwork is directly responsible for the longevity and continuity of our production team.

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Anna Reale

VP – Marketing & Sales

Anne RealeAnna has an extensive background in marketing and sales. Her strengths include the ability to quickly identify client needs – and with her vast document & data management industry experience – is equipped to establish the appropriate solutions to meet those needs. This innate ability strengthens client confidence and is the foundation for the many long-term relationships Anna and the ACI team enjoy with their clients.

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