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We would like to share some articles with you that will provide useful information including document & data management trends, current best practices and the industry’s latest solutions.

Why Digital Imaging? Why Outsource?

There are many valuable benefits to converting your business documents to digital – and even more valuable benefits to outsourcing the process. Have a look at these benefits and decide for yourself…Read More

The Payoff of Electronic Payables Processingap-process-cost-per-invoice

Experts on corporate payment systems underscore the virtues of electronic invoice presentment, processing, and payment (EIPP) technologies. Such investments, they argue, can significantly lower the cost of processing invoices for payment…Read More

Facts About Files

Following are some eye-opening facts from various reputable industry sources regarding document handling costs that will assist you in building an ROI…Read more

Advantages of Implementing AP Workflow Automation

The purpose of automating your Accounts Payable process is to improve speed and accuracy, increase access and accountability, minimize errors and significantly reduce costs while increasing visibility in every stage of your AP process…Read More