Automated Mailrooms: The Future of Document Handling and Business Communications

It may come as a surprise to some, but even when email has replaced much of business communication in the digital age, mailrooms continue to experience high volumes of traffic as hard copy mail and packages remain at the center of business workflows. Without a doubt, the manual receiving, opening, sorting and distribution of mail can be a tedious, time-consuming process that can cause communication delays and bottlenecks, all of which are costly to any business.

More than automating actual business operations, you can now also enjoy the productivity benefits of automating core internal processes, such as managing mail digitally. With a fully automated mailroom, you can easily upgrade the efficiency level of business workflows and earn savings through reduced operating costs.

Ash Conversions International (ACI) offers the leading technology in mailroom automation with Digital Mailroom Manager. Read on to learn about the benefits of automating your mailroom.

From Hard Copy to Digital Mail

One of the core features of automated mailrooms is the transition from hard copy to digital mail. Specialized mailroom automation solutions like Digital Mailroom Manager from ACI instantly converts mail from hard copy to digital, allowing for seamless and efficient delivery to recipients, while also eliminating costs associated with manual paper handling. This quick conversion process also delivers correspondence to intended recipients over a shorter time frame, which facilitates faster response times and effective communication. Overall, the conversion of hard copy mail to digital allows for easier document storage and retrieval over cloud-based hosting, and avoids losses and communication errors in the process.

Automated Handling and Receiving of Posting Mail

A fully digital, automated mailroom eliminates the need for manual hard copy handling. Instead of physically receiving documents in a traditional mailroom, mail is redirected to a dedicated and secure post office box. A mailroom automation solution like Digital Mailroom Manager will then receive, sort, capture, index and route all mail in converted digital format to designated recipients. This automated mail handling process can greatly reduce turnaround times involved in document handling for business processes and communications, allowing workflows to proceed more efficiently.

In addition to increased efficiency and productivity, an automated mailroom also promotes transparency. Designed with a full audit trail, mailroom automation allows for document logging and tracking, so recipients can easily monitor the status of their deliveries from receipt of hard copy all the way to digital delivery.

Cost-effective, High-volume Communication

As with any business process, maintaining an in-house mailroom comes with numerous costs ranging from labour to manual handling, delivery and storage. But with an automated mailroom, businesses can quickly unlock savings and recoup expenses from manual document handling.

Investing in an automated mailroom solution provides increased ROI as a product of reduced time and costs spent on manual document handling. With an automated mailroom, you can efficiently allocate labour resources to crucial operations, while also reducing potential errors that come with manual document handling. The reduced mail processing and delivery times provide added benefits in terms of freeing up productive time for revenue-generating tasks. This streamlined, fully digital document handling process contributes to improved service delivery and faster communication times, which keep clients happy and cements trust in your business.

Trust ACI’s Digital Mailroom Manager with Mailroom Automation and Document Handling

ACI’s Digital Mailroom Manager can completely change document handling and give your business the edge in mailroom automation. Giving you the best of an automated mailroom, Digital Mailroom Manager seamlessly captures, indexes and routes hard copy mail converted to agile digital formats for paperless handling and efficient communication. The complete audit trail provides detailed tracking information and in the process, avoids lost messages and documents, while displaying accurate information regarding routing and delivery to intended recipients.

As ACI’s Digital Mailroom Manager transforms and streamlines the process for handling inbound mail, you can also trust that the prompt delivery of digitally converted mail and crucial communication can lead to faster document turnaround and response times. Since digital copies are hosted on secure private cloud systems, it’s easy to maintain utmost confidentiality and promote information security, while allowing for efficient document retrieval and storage at any time. As an automated mailroom replaces traditional manual document handling starting with the receipt of mail at a secure post office box instead of a physical mailroom, the digital upgrade allows you to cut down on space and resource requirements, and in the process unlocks savings on operational costs and directs valuable resources to revenue-generating efforts instead.

More than the staple benefits of an automated mailroom, Digital Mailroom Manager works seamlessly with other automation solutions from ACI, including AP Assistant, AR Assistant and XR Assistant. With fully automated and digital business processes, you can easily integrate the document handling requirements of Accounts Payables and Receivables with that of the Digital Mailroom Manager, and seamlessly route documents and maintain a high standard of timely and cost-efficient communication.

The integration of these automation solutions improves the overall workflow of your enterprise, provides unparalleled ROI and savings, and helps you do business better. The elimination of errors associated with manual document handling, reduction of time spent physically receiving, sorting and routing hard copy mail, and the increased reliability of digital communication networks all contribute to the overall health of your business — and it all starts with a cost-efficient but advanced automated mailroom.

With an automated mailroom, you can eliminate costly paper trails and promote reliable document handling and digital-based communication. Learn more about the Digital Mailroom Manager by calling Ash Conversions at (866) 433-4549 or contacting ACI here.

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