Increase Efficiency And Reduce Cost With An Automated Mailroom Workflow Solution

When we think of the workplace, the bustling mailroom is ingrained as a staple of corporate life. No office has been complete without a room full of workers hustling through documents, stuffing them into neatly labelled cubby holes. But with the emergence of email and digital marketing campaigns, many company mailrooms have gone silent. Letters, invoices, and flyers arrive on laptops instead of in envelopes. Most communication is done electronically. This, however, doesn’t mean mailrooms are no longer needed. It simply means the traditional model must evolve and that the workflow must be adjusted to match with the times.

If your business is struggling with whether to get rid of the mailroom, then a digital solution may be best for you. A digital mailroom takes a modern spin on document sorting. It merges the value of personal mail handling with the effectiveness of an automated workflow. When it comes to receiving, sorting and distributing mail, Ash Conversions can help your business increase efficiency while reducing costs.

Eliminate Document Waste

One of the benefits of an automated mailroom is that physical waste is eliminated. All incoming paper mail is converted to digital form — whether that be to PDFs, pictures or CAD files. Modern technology has allowed for speedier data capture. New programs perform lightning fast digitization, which means manual scanning has become a thing of the past. When we quickly and effectively eliminate physical waste, our valuable office space gets freed up for more important uses. What was once used as a document storage area can be converted to a larger boardroom. Or a dark corner stacked floor to ceiling with boxes can be cleared out for another cubicle. But the benefits of physical waste elimination go beyond a reorganized office space.

Eliminating waste means employees can be more efficient. A clutter-free work zone means energy doesn’t need to be wasted navigating the mess. Workers can utilize this extra brain power to process more important tasks instead. As the wise old saying goes: Less clutter, more joy. The same advice is true for the workplace.

Create a Lean Workforce

Depending on the size of your business, the traditional mailroom can contain dozens of employees. But by digitizing documents and automating workflow, you effectively remove the need for front-end personnel. Create a leaner workforce by allowing modern technology to do the work of multiple employees. With an automated mailroom, you no longer need an assembly line of people processing hoards of letters and invoices. Although email has replaced most forms of communication, there is no doubt companies still get a ton of traditional mail. Many employees are often needed to process large product shipments, but that is rarely the case for paper documents.

Many businesses choose to outsource their mailroom operations to a firm like ACI. We can receive 100% of your business mail, sort and digitize it, then quickly distribute to the appropriate parties. Trim down your operating costs by automating your mailroom and relocating your employees to more people-dependent departments.

Accelerate Understanding

When employees no longer have to spend time opening envelopes and physically rifling through paper documents, more time can be spent actually trying to understand the information at hand. A digital mailroom takes all the preamble out of communications sorting. Once paper mail is received, all documents are automatically digitized. Those files are then dispatched to the intended recipients. When staff can open their ‘mail’ with the click of a button, they can get right to the data. Decisions can be made more effectively, customers can be contacted more quickly, and profits can ultimately be maximized. This type of operational efficiency can save a company tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Improve Data Security

Physical documents can often go missing, or information can be compromised if not disposed of properly. The traditional mailroom is prone to theft. And shredders are not always used when mail is thrown out — meaning sensitive data is often floating around. Invoices, legal notices and employee pay stubs are just some of the items that require careful handling. Secure your company’s valuable documents by digitizing all incoming mail. Digitized mail can easily be encrypted and protected by a password.

At ACI, we are experts at managing sensitive information. We respect the confidentiality of our clients’ documents and understand the importance of controlled access. Our staff is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement at the time of hiring. A pre-employment security screening, which includes a criminal and credit check, is also mandatory. This level of personnel clearance gives us “Reliability Status.” This means our company is allowed to handle all kinds of sensitive information, including correspondence for the Federal Government of Canada.

Streamline Your Business with Ash Conversions International

An automated mailroom is not only effective at handling correspondence — but it also makes good business sense. By increasing the efficiency of your mailroom, you’re making drastic improvements to other areas of your company. A more nimble workforce means an improved customer experience, which ultimately translates to maximized profits.

Contact ACI for a consultation. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Continuous access to our data management expertise
  • Highest standards of document security and compliance
  • Project budgeting that respects your financial parameters
  • Realistic time frames for project completion

From automated accounting solutions to cloud-based document retrieval, our team is eager to improve your operational efficiency. So see for yourself why Ash Conversions International is North America’s leader in document and data management services!

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