8 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Cloud Storage

Get your head out of the clouds! You may be familiar with this common phrase, usually directed towards someone as they sit and daydream. The intention was that your thoughts could be found in the clouds, but with today’s technological advancements, it’s no longer such an unrealistic concept.

The clouds we’re talking about here refer to the online world, where our files and other media can be safely stored. Rather than storing your files on a local hard drive, an external hard drive, or a flash drive, your files can now be saved in the cloud.

Cloud technology has a wide array of amazing features which have attracted many individuals and businesses to switch to cloud storage services. Free cloud storage services can be used by individuals to store personal data such as music and photos or can be available at a premium to serve businesses that usually require a greater capacity for space.

Cloud storage occurs when a file is uploaded to an internet server. There are many advantages to using the cloud as a storage space, and we’ll help you get up to speed with everything you need to know about cloud storage services and why it’s the right choice for you or your budding business.

If you’re on the fence about whether cloud storage is the right choice for you, here’s 8 reasons why you need to switch to cloud storage today:

  1. Save your money

    Cloud storage services can be more cost-effective when compared to hardware production or the building of a server room for data storage. Overall, cloud storage is a low-cost investment since all of the services are obtained at once, from one online provider.

    When you purchase plans for cloud storage services, you pay for what you consume, which guarantees that your money isn’t wasted on unnecessary storage space that isn’t even used.

  2. Greater reliability

    When you require your files to be in storage, they should be easy to access. Traditional servers require regular maintenance and therefore come with the unfortunate need for downtime whenever there are issues requiring maintenance.

    Alternatively, cloud storage does not pose this issue because the cloud is comprised of interconnected servers. This means when one server is down, there is always another server in the network which is available. Cloud storage is a reliable choice to avoid downtime due to server maintenance.

  3. Storage space to match your needs

    As your business continues to grow, so too does the data you generate, and this usually requires additional storage space and memory. Traditional servers can become slow and tend to crash more often as the data stored increases. Yet this isn’t a problem with cloud storage services, which offers increased server capacity with no wait or risk of server crashes.

    Additionally, cloud storage doesn’t require you to keep the additional storage capacity if it isn’t required. Extra storage capacity can be locked, and your system can be returned to its old settings when needed. This way, you only pay for what you use and reduce your overall waste and costs.

  4. Server maintenance

    When you invest in a cloud storage service, the cloud service provider is responsible for completing any technical tasks associated with the cloud service. These tasks can include hardware deployment, software licenses, installation updates, and many more.

    There is no need for you to invest additional money in the recruitment of qualified technicians to come and make the necessary repairs. You can save time and money, and put greater attention and energy towards important business-related tasks, rather than devoting time to technical issues.

  5. Disaster recovery

    The data which is stored in the cloud is replicated and then stored within different data centres. The risk of losing any data and experiencing downtime is very low because if one server experiences an outage or a disaster strike, the stored data will be available from another.

  6. Security

    Cloud storage offers greater security than traditional storage, which uses external devices. This was not well understood a few decades back when cloud storage technology was being introduced to the world. However, as cloud storage technology has become more common, people are beginning to understand its benefits.

    There is no risk of losing the device or facing hardware corruption with cloud storage technology. All data is encrypted by cloud storage providers when it’s in the data centre and can be found completely in coded form. Once the data has reached the server, it can only be accessed through two-way authentication and password verifications, so your information is very safe.

  7. Clarity and consistency

    Data in the cloud can be accessed by different individuals, using different devices, from varying locations. In order to ensure consistency and clarity of the data which is stored in the cloud, all updates and changes made to files are stored and available for viewing and use at any time. Any changes and updates are visible to users, which makes project collaboration easy, effective, and organized.

  8. Access when you need it

    When you need your applications or data, cloud storage technology allows you to access them from any location at any time, with the only requirement being a device with an internet connection.

    With the use of cloud technology, you are no longer limited by your location or time of day to be able to access your files and complete your work. It also enables you to recruit professionals who can work remotely or from home if required. Life can be unpredictable, and access to your data should be guaranteed at any time or place, as needed.

Cloud storage is designed for both personal or large-scale use. Businesses can greatly benefit from the use of cloud storage technology with its excellent reliability, security, and quality, to ensure that data storage and access is made easy for all members of a business organization.

At Ash Conversions International, we know that as your business grows, you require storage technology that provides the reliability and efficiency businesses need to thrive.

To learn more about how cloud-storage services could help you or your business, call Ash Conversions International at 1-866-340-9774 or contact us here.

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