Top 3 Benefits of Proof of Delivery Scanning

If your business relies on shipping various goods to consumers, the chances are that Proof of Delivery (POD) documents are crucial in your daily operations. From bills of lading to packing slips, these important files can go missing if not stored and tracked correctly.

Although every company’s needs will differ, there are three common benefits of POD scanning. From reduced storage space to enhanced security – digitization is the future. See why so many businesses are switching to document digitization.

Faster Retrieval

The saying that time is money is certainly true when you consider the hundreds of hours wasted sorting through paperwork. If your POD documents still exist in hardcopy form, chances are your employees are spending a ton of time each week manually sifting through these files. Even if your paperwork is sorted alphabetically or chronologically, it still takes a lot of effort to find the exact info you need. Now imagine those documents are missing or misfiled. What challenges will that impose on your employees?

By having your POD files available on a cloud platform, you can make the retrieval process exponentially easier allowing your team to access these files from anywhere in the world. Ultimately, you’ll avoid wasted hours, freeing up your workers for more valuable responsibilities.

Money Savings

Accurate reporting is essential for a robust auditing process. And this type of accuracy can only be achieved by scanning and digitizing your POD documents. Track your files, identify deficiencies and analyze trends with ACI’s electronic document management systems. By staying on top of your delivery processes, your company will be able to save money in the long-run.

Stepping Stone to Enhanced Digitization

Having ACI scan your POD documents will allow you to implement the next stage of digitization. ACI’s FileManager can help you identify outstanding PODs, and sort through thousands of files in a few simple clicks. Our system will then send notifications to the appropriate driver or employee, alerting them of missing POD documents. They can then submit this missing file via email or straight from their smartphone. A click here and there means your team will spend less time tracking down missing information. Everyone can then focus their efforts on how to increase profits for the business.

Improved Customer Service

If your company is unable to manage its Proof of Delivery documents effectively, this can result in slower client response times. Every business owner knows that good customer service is key to growing profits. After all, so much new business is generated through word-of-mouth. If your team is slow in responding to POD queries and rectifying delivery issues, customer satisfaction can drop dramatically.

Improving the client experience begins with organizing your files, so you can react and respond quickly. POD scanning is the first step in implementing an effective document management workflow. With ACI’s expertise, you’ll improve visibility over all your Proof of Delivery files. This will allow you to get your invoices paid faster, while also improving your overall customer service.

For more information about scanning your proof of delivery documents, call Ash Conversions at 1-800-719-9621 or contact us here.

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