Advantages of Industry-Specific Document Management

From employee records to patient health charts, hundreds of industries struggle each day with document management. Although most correspondence is now digital, the truth is that a lot of information still remains in hard copy. Here are just a few industries in need of document management:

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Manufacturing and Distribution

Ash Conversions International provides document and data management solutions that are organized, effective and secure. We never force our clients to implement an off-the-shelf program because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. A solution that works for a public school will not necessarily work for an automotive firm and vice versa. So what are the advantages of document management that is industry-specific?

Advantage #1: Customized Security Controls

Security and compliance are the top priority when managing mass amounts of data. Whether the information will be digitized or remain in hard copy form, all industries have unique requirements for maintaining confidentiality. However, what is considered sensitive information for one company may not be the case for another. This is why it’s crucial that all solutions be tailored to the specific needs of the client. ACI offers customized security controls that are advantageous to the client, not a hindrance. We try to minimize disruption by making sure logins, passwords and encryption are never in the way of a company’s entrenched workflow. The staff at some workplaces are more tech-savvy than others. An industry-specific approach never assumes that every company is at the same level when it comes to working with digital security. ACI works with each client individually to ensure they are comfortable with the security measures being implemented.

Advantage #2: Industry-Specific Features

Document and data management programs come with a variety of features that may be helpful to one industry but not another. For example, businesses in the financial sector may place heavy importance on a digitized audit trail. But organizations in the education field may value a system centred on form management. There is no use implementing a series of features that have no use in your company. Industry-specific solutions allow you to pick and choose which options are beneficial to grow your overall business.

Advantage #3: Specialized Knowledge & Expertise

When you choose to implement an industry-specific solution, chances are you’re working with a team that has expertise in your specific field. A good document and data management firm will have years of experience seamlessly digitizing documents and perfecting workflow automation for clients in your industry. Depending on the sector, there are many aspects that could complicate the document management process. A lawyer’s office, for example, may want to protect the chain of custody when it comes to sensitive legal documents. But a doctor’s office may be concerned with protecting patient confidentiality during the digitization process. This is why it’s important to hire a firm that understands the unique challenges of your field.

Advantage #4: Regulatory Compliance

Compliance standards vary from industry to industry. So it only makes sense to implement a document management system that meets the requirements of your field. Compliance can encompass a number of issues — from the way documents are handled between employees to the way they are classified and stored. Because non-compliance can lead to hefty fines and revoked licenses, be sure to work with a company like ACI that understands the regulatory guidelines for your sector.

Advantage #5: Improved Integration with Existing Workflow

An industry-specific solution should integrate seamlessly with your company’s existing workflow. This means there is minimal disruption in your day-to-day operations during system implementation and beyond. A natural transition from one workflow to another does not happen by accident. It is a process that is carefully crafted by a team that knows the mechanics of your industry. So avoid document management systems with generic features. Choose a solution that respects your company’s unique framework and works with it, rather than trying to abolish it altogether.

Custom Solutions with ACI

Ash Conversions International knows your challenges are unique. Backed by a team of experts in document management, we have decades of experience working with industries that struggle to effectively store and access tons of company data. From the financial field to the retail sector, let ACI find a solution that’s in line with your company’s values. And if you need more than document management, we offer a number of other solutions including cloud-based data management and accounting workflow automation. So get in touch with ACI today for a personalized consultation of our services.

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