How To Get Your Boss to Approve AP Automation

As an employee in an accounts payable department, you are likely surrounded with piles of paperwork. Invoices are collected by mail, fax and email. They get segmented into a pile based on company, by deadline, etc.

How can you meet a payment deadline when there is so much paperwork to work through?  By implementing an automated accounts payable system, you can streamline the accounts payable process while reducing errors in data entry.

A manager might not understand the benefits of an accounts payable system; that’s why it’s important that they have a proper understanding of what the system does and how it will improve their business.

Improving Your Business’ Bottom Line

Every business has goals and priorities that need to be met. For some businesses, that means offering solutions to common problems that occur on a daily basis. By presenting to a manager that an accounts payable automation workflow solution will help prevent human error by automating the process, an employer will see the value it brings.

Demonstrate its Support

Every accounts payable department needs support. The support that we are talking about isn’t adding another person to the team to manage payroll, but a support system that will better manage the invoices you need to tackle monthly.

An accounts payable automation system will take all of the invoices you receive and convert them into an electronic file. The system makes getting invoices approved easier than in a manual setting, which saves organizations both time and money. By stressing the cost and timesaving that automation has to offer, a manager might be more open to the idea.

Present the idea with ACI

After you’ve gathered your research and are ready to present the idea to your manager, let them know that you are enthusiastic about AP automation and believe that it’s a solution that will help the company you work for achieve its goals.

Why not invite ACI into the conversation? Ash Conversions has a suite of automation workflow systems that will enhance your accounts payable department, giving you more time as an employee or manager to do more valuable work while letting the automation do the rest. Our experienced team will be happy to show your management team how the software works and how it can be seamlessly integrated into any organization. It will give your manager the opportunity to ask questions and see the software first-hand.

We look forward to meeting you and working with your team to relieve you in the accounts payable department.

If all goes well, you’ll soon see AP automation being considered for implementation in your company. When that happens, keep ACI in mind. Our AP Automation Solution offers all the benefits you’re looking for from an automated solution. It also scales to your business’ needs and works hand-in-hand with many existing ERP applications. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demonstration of our simple, powerful system.

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