Ensure Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Automating Your Mailroom

As a result of the global pandemic – companies all around the globe are having to come up with strategies with respect to the distribution of all types of documents that they currently handle physically. Many companies have already automated things like AP & AR – but still manage physical mailrooms for all of the hardcopy mail they continue to receive. Businesses that rely on their mailrooms to receive and distribute physical documents of all categories are faced with either ceasing to operate partially or completely during the lockdowns – or coming up with solutions to attempt to digitize and automate the distribution of that mail to ensure business continuity.

Transitioning to a Digital Mailroom Ensures Business Continuity

During these uncertain times – businesses of all types that have yet to transition to an ‘all-things-digital’ workplace environment find themselves faced with the challenge of ‘reinventing’ their business processes on-the-fly. Outsourcing automation of the corporate mailroom allows these businesses to continue operating and providing critical communications and business documentation distribution to both employees and customers, regardless of their physical location.

Disaster Recovery – Another Benefit of Automation

Ash Conversions International has been ahead of the curve with respect to digital business processes – and is a pioneer in creating outsourced, cloud-based workflow solutions. With the great success we have experienced with our AP & AR digital automation workflow solutions – it was a natural evolution to create a digital mailroom solution that would digitally mimic the routing of physical mail. Many organizations in all verticals have already chosen to rely on ACI’s outsourced workflow automation solutions as part of their overall digital ‘hands-off’ business approach. In addition to the obvious benefit of business continuity – they also get the benefit of a solid disaster recovery plan as a by-product.

An Automated Digital Mailroom Ensures Your Business Can Work Remotely

If the COVID-19 crisis has affected your organization’s business continuity with respect to your physical mailroom – we at ACI have put together a “rapid-response” solution that can have your organization experiencing the conversion and digital distribution of hardcopy mail in days instead of weeks. The program leverages the intelligence of ACI’s proprietary AI platform to continue learning as it processes each piece of mail – making it more efficient as it is used. Physical mail will either be picked up from your mailroom or rerouted to ours, where we will convert every piece of mail, inclusive of the envelope and everything within it, and route that mail to the person or department designated on the envelope – or according to business routing rules you establish.

Digital Mailroom Workflow Automation Can Save You Time & Money

If you are faced with the need to convert and distribute hardcopy mail to digital format to allow for efficient remote business continuity – please contact us via phone at 1-866-231-4451 or via our contact form. We’d be happy to help!

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