Five Problems With Your Hardcopy Mailroom

Many companies are embracing technology to streamline their operations – which includes their mailroom. If you’re still using a hardcopy mailroom, it is probably the weakest link in the chain that makes up your business. Hardcopy mailrooms will one day become obsolete, and it’s in your company’s best interest to start transitioning to a digital system. There are many reasons your mailroom may not be running smoothly. It may lack a workflow document management program or take up too much space in your building.

Here are five problems with your hardcopy mailroom that should put things into perspective and hopefully encourage you to think about a digital system:

  1. No workflow document management:

    Hardcopy mailrooms require employees to enter data manually, which leaves room for keystroke error. With a workflow document management system in place, it’s easy to scan, store, manage and maintain the entire contents of a mailroom.

  2. The time isn’t well spent:

    A hardcopy mailroom is the perfect place to waste time. Your employees aren’t wasting time intentionally, of course, but they end up spending valuable hours and minutes searching for lost documents. A digital mailroom equipped with a workflow document management system allows for documents to be easily located.

  3. Tracking mail can be a problem:

    What happens when you ask your employees to mail something to a client, and the client never receives it? With a hard copy mailroom, tracking mail can be a problem, leaving you at a loss. When a package can’t be tracked because it hasn’t been input into the workflow document management system, it may need to be resent, wasting time, money and energy.

  4. Can’t establish relationship with the people who work there:

    Your hard copy mailroom might currently be staffed with bright people – except you’ll never know. Gone are the days when someone could start their career in the mailroom of a company and work their way up. Nowadays, people are so busy that they take their mailroom employees for granted and only associate with them when a package is late.

  5. A room of wasted space:

    Your hard copy mailroom is filled with documents and boxes that take up space. This is valuable space that could be used as an office for your former mailroom employees who will need the room to work on their new, more efficient tasks.

    By eliminating your hardcopy mailroom altogether, you’ll be able to leverage a viable process that involves an intricate yet easy to use workflow document management system. Plus, you get the added bonus of getting rid of duplicates and many boxes of files that are no longer needed.

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