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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers from Ash Conversions. These are updated on a regular basis.

  • What is Document Conversion?

    Document Conversion is the conversion of hardcopy documents or microfilm to a digital format. This is accomplished by digitally scanning the original medium.
    ACI employs multiple scanning devices such as document scanners, cheque scanners, microfilm scanners, etc. to meet our clients’ varied document capture/conversion requirements.

  • What is Data Capture?

    Data Capture is the gathering of data from digital documents either by data entry or by Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) software. The captured data is typically used for indexing digital images and/or for document processing.
    At ACI we employ powerful IDC software and perform extensive quality assurance to ensure the accuracy of captured data.

  • Why should we outsource our document management projects to ACI?

    ACI specializes in all areas of digital document management and processing. We are very customer service oriented and respond quickly to our clients’ needs. See what some of our clients have to say about us on our Testimonial Page. By outsourcing to ACI our clients realize the benefits of document imaging without any labour costs, capital investment or maintenance costs. Most importantly our clients benefit from our expertise and faster turnaround.
    At ACI we provide quality services, quickly and cost-effectively with emphasis on accuracy and customer service.

  • I’ve heard about OCR and ICR, what are they?

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a process whereby documents are scanned and the images are processed by software using powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence to convert the printed words into text that can be edited using any word processing software. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) uses similarly powerful software to convert handwriting into editable text.
    At ACI we employ software tools which we have customized to validate extracted data for increased accuracy.

  • Why convert paper documents to electronic formats (Imaging)?

    Currently, 95% of business information is held in paper format which is expensive to store and slow to access. Document conversion, electronic document creation and management address these issues by removing the requirement to store and handle hard copy documents. By eliminating the need to physically locate and retrieve paper files, staff members can use their time far more productively and effectively. Organizations can also save time and money by making documents accessible electronically rather than creating multiple copies of hard copy documents.
    ACI has converted millions of paper documents to electronic images; allowing our clients to benefit from solutions varying from simple retrieval to more complex document processing. Our retrieval solutions can be on our client’s in-house platform or securely hosted by ACI, allowing authorized end users online access from anywhere in the world.

  • In what format(s) can my scanned documents be provided?

    Documents can be scanned and provided in multiple formats including industry standard TIFF and PDF with or without text searchability.
    At ACI we can provide a multitude of formats based on customer requirements.

  • How do I receive and view my converted digital documents?

    We can make document images available for retrieval on a secure web platform, or upload them by secure FTP for retrieval on a client’s internal platform. We also provide archival copies of scanned images and metadata on gold CD/DVD for offline retrieval and disaster recovery.
    At ACI the choice is yours … make use of our end-to-end solution or receive your documents securely and retrieve them using your image-enabled application.

  • Do I need to prepare documents before sending them for scanning?

    No special preparation is necessary. We provide a full service solution including document preparation.
    ACI provides full document management services to meet our client’s needs.

  • How does ACI ensure regulatory compliance is followed?

    Our regulatory compliance program addresses all elements of information privacy, compliance, and covers information security, electronic communications policies and procedures, computer security, user guidelines, and security awareness. This includes requirements outlined by HIPAA in relation to PHI, GLBA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other regulatory initiatives. Appropriate physical controls are in place to provide secure access to our facility and sensitive, controlled areas. Environmental controls for fire suppression, flood control, and HVAC are in place to protect critical systems and source data.
    ACI has always adhered to all federal standards and guidelines to ensure our customers’ confidentiality is strictly protected.

  • What is SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)?

    Also known as the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002, SOX, is a law that went into effect in 2002, following a series of high profile scandals in the business world. The legislation covers standards (such as audits, corporate governance, and internal control assessment) and requires enhanced financial reporting for all U.S. public companies to ensure transparency, helping to prevent or detect fraud, conspiracy, and/or destruction of evidence.
    By outsourcing with ACI and using our document storage and retrieval services, we: · Ensure only authorized individuals have access to your documents. · Streamline your business processes and provide for more transparency, where audit, internal controls and reporting requirements are key to your SOX compliance.