Workflow Automation Increase Efficiencies

Digital Mailroom Manager™

Convert your hardcopy mailroom… reduce costs significantly while increasing efficiency!

Announcing ACI’s Digital In-House Mailroom Manager™
Enterprise Mailroom Workflow Automation and Management Solution

In any organization, managing hardcopy documents is the enemy of efficiency. Traditional mailroom management across an enterprise is a time-consuming and unnecessary cost burden. Although email has replaced much of what used to arrive as hardcopy – there is still a large volume of mail that is physically received at most organizations. As with ACI’s AP and AR Assistant™ Workflow Automation Solutions, our Digital In-House Mailroom Manager™ will completely convert and automate the flow of all mail, delivering it to its intended recipient much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Completely Transform the Handling of Inbound Mail

With ACI’s Digital In-House Mailroom Manager™, you will seamlessly capture, index and digitally route all hardcopy mail to its designated recipient and department. Significantly reduce costs and facilitate a more efficient decision-making process through ACI’s document workflow automation – providing prompt turnaround times for documents required in the business process. All documents are easily tracked end-to-end as they are digitally logged, creating a complete audit trail.

By implementing ACI’s Digital In-House Mailroom Manager™, your mail will be:

  • Promptly directed to its designated recipient
  • Handled with complete confidentiality
  • Securely available for retrieval at all times.
  • Digitally handled, reducing space and resource requirements

In summary, by implementing ACI’s Digital In-House Mailroom Workflow Automation solution, your business processes will be significantly streamlined across the enterprise – saving valuable time and money. Once you have ACI’s Digital In-House Mailroom Manager™ in place – you will be equipped to implement ACI’s full suite of automation solutions seamlessly (Mailroom, AP & AR).