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Document Scanners

Document ScannerRegardless of the business you are in, you need to keep copies of all important paperwork. In fact, you may be legally required to keep most of them.

Even though the most forward-looking businesses are moving toward digital document & data management systems, most paperwork today is still a combination of electronic data and filing cabinets stuffed with paper. A document scanner is frankly a necessary tool in your business arsenal. It’s a basic staple requirement for companies who have implemented an ECM and who want to keep ongoing paper storage to a minimum.

Scanning to ACI’s FileManager cloud-based storage repository protects your documents from local emergencies. Being able to retrieve your documents through a computer many miles from where they are typically saved means that fires, floods, earthquakes and other types of disaster no longer pose a threat to your important files.

Determining The Right Scanners

You will need to determine the right scanner for your needs and ACI can help. You can tap into the wealth of experience ACI has gleaned in over 3 decades of success in the document management industry to help you choose the best scanner for your application.

We suggest you begin by looking at the Kodak ‘i’ series production scanners. Most of our customers end up there – so we think it wise to recommend Kodak as the place to start.