Business Process Automation Increases Efficiency

FileManager™ ECM Software

The value of an Enterprise Content Management solution or ‘ECM’ software goes far beyond your basic scanning, storage and retrieval solutions. A full Enterprise Content Management system will always encompass the technology, strategy and method used to capture, manage, access, integrate, measure and store information. ECM has become more associated with business process and content strategy than an enterprise content management system.

ACI’s File Manager™ ECM software helps solve today’s main business process frustrations – and it’s typical for an organization to determine that they need an ECM strategy only after they have identified various and significant business challenges being faced throughout the enterprise.

FileManager™ ECM Software

Some of the most common challenges experienced within an enterprise are:

  • Employee productivity
  • Keeping track of information
  • Stagnant business processes
  • Overwhelmed with paper

Employees waste hundreds of hours a week in a typical enterprise, using manual processes to deal with information. They handle reams of paper and have to manually retrieve and refile those documents. And when those same documents are misfiled, disorganized or just plain missing – business processes get delayed, affecting the entire business – and potentially creating significant and costly business liabilities – that can be avoided with the right ECM.

With ACI’s FileManager™ ECM Software, virtually every business process – in any business environment – can be automated to avoid these challenges and pitfalls. Regardless of the department, paper goes away and every document is available at the snap of a finger, speeding up every transaction – bringing huge value to the enterprise, while reducing and even eliminating exposure. The ROI from simply eliminating paper handling will more than outweigh any investment in ACI’s FileManager™ ECM platform.

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