Workflow Automation Increase Efficiencies

Cloud-Based Document Retrieval
Introducing ACI’s FileManager™

It’s right beside you – everywhere you go!

Cloud-based document & data management is all about access – anywhere in the world your mobile workforce may find themselves.

The industry term is mobility, the ability to empower users from any place they travel, to leverage a central repository of information they need – keeping their data – at their fingertips. ACI’s FileManager™ offers:

  • Direct-To-Cloud Scanning & Indexing: Data and images are captured and stored directly to the cloud for quick turn-around and timely access
  • Search and Retrieve: Ensure you can access and review all your information from any location through your smartphones and tablets.
  • Security Infrastructure: ACI’s FileManager™ guarantees electronic content is even more secure than typical paper storage. Industry advanced security protocols give you the confidence that your information remains ‘yours’! User-access can be updated on-the-fly to allow for quick organizational change adaption.
  • Customer Access: Giving customers direct access to their own information reduces support call times and gives them a much better customer service experience.

By taking advantage of ACI’s FileManager™ in your workplace environment, getting the job done just got a whole lot quicker and easier – saving time and money throughout the entire enterprise, regardless of its size!