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Cloud Document Retrieval
Introducing ACI’s FileManager™

Secure & Easy Access To Your Information – From Anywhere!

Cloud-based document & data management is all about access – no matter where the work is being done. With recent global events that have impacted most every part of our lives, it has become increasingly important for businesses to be able to function in a remote environment. Many organizations have already begun this process by leveraging cloud-based technologies. ACI has been supporting its clients in operating within a virtual or remote office workspace using cloud solutions long before it became the ‘new-normal’.

Accessibility Is Key!

The focus is accessibility – empowering users to access a central repository of documents and data – from any virtual workspace – keeping the required information at their fingertips. Use ACI’s Cloud-Based FileManager™ to Automate Your Processes and Securely Access your Information From Virtually Anywhere!

FileManager™ – ACI’s Document Management Platform in the cloud is the ‘pinnacle’ of our ‘Assistant’ Automation Suite. FileManager™ is a cloud-based document domain and retrieval platform that houses all of your documents and data once they have passed through their respective automation processes, providing an end-to-end document management solution that significantly improves overall efficiencies, allowing you to focus on your core competencies, while we focus on ours – doing what we do best and saving you both time and money.

The Cloud Is Unlimited!

There are hundreds of use-cases and examples of how FileManager™ can manage your documents more efficiently; Accounts Payables & Receivables, POD documents, Mailroom, Human Resources, Health Records and much more!

FileManager™ will meet your requirements small or large and can be further customized for more unique requirements. It can also securely interface with your organization’s enterprise platforms, ensuring seamless continuity of vital business processes. The FileManager™ platform is surprisingly affordable – both from the standpoint of initial investment – and ROI through savings.

ACI’s FileManager™ offers:

  • Direct-To-Cloud Scanning & Indexing:

    Data and images are captured and stored directly to the cloud for quick turn-around and timely access

  • Search and Retrieve:

    Ensure you can access and review all your information from any location through your smartphones and tablets.

  • Security Infrastructure:

    ACI’s FileManager™ guarantees electronic content is even more secure than typical paper storage. Industry advanced security protocols give you the confidence that your information remains ‘yours’! User-access can be updated on-the-fly to allow for quick organizational change adaption.

  • Customer Access:

    Giving customers direct access to their own information reduces support call times and gives them a much better customer service experience.

By taking advantage of ACI’s FileManager™ in your workplace environment – getting the job done just got a whole lot quicker and easier!

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Cloud-Based Document Retrieval