Workflow Automation Increase Efficiencies

Digital Mailroom Workflow Automation

Digital Mailroom Workflow Automation

Eliminate your hardcopy mailroom

reduce costs while increasing efficiency!

Announcing ACI’s Digital Mailroom Manager™

Enterprise Mailroom Workflow Automation & Management Solution

Hardcopy document management at any level, is the enemy of efficiency. Traditional mailroom management including manually receiving, opening, sorting and distributing mail across an enterprise is time-consuming and an unnecessary cost burden to any organization. While email has replaced much of what used to arrive as hardcopy – there is still a significant volume of mail that is physically received at most businesses today. As with ACI’s Accounts Payable Workflow Automation Solution, our Digital Mailroom Manager™ will completely automate the flow of all mail, converting it from hardcopy to digital and delivering it to its intended recipient in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner than is possible with hardcopy.

Complete Elimination of Postal Mail Receiving & Handling

When you engage ACI’s Digital Mailroom Manager™ for your entire mailroom, all hardcopy mail is redirected to a customer dedicated, secure ACI post office box, effectively eliminating the need for any inhouse hardcopy mail handling. As your digital mailroom service provider, ACI will seamlessly receive, sort, capture, index and route all mail in digital format to the designated department and recipient. This document workflow process allows for much quicker turnaround times for documents required in business processes, facilitating a more efficient decision making process – and significantly reducing costs. A full audit trail is created and logged for the complete tracking of every document, from hardcopy receipt to recipient delivery, digitally.

By outsourcing your mailroom services to ACI, 100% of your mail will:

  • Be received and properly directed to its recipient in a timely fashion
  • Have complete confidentiality with respect to sensitive information
  • Be handled digitally, allowing for much more efficient use of labour, space and other resources

In summary, ACI will streamline your business processes by providing Digital Mailroom Automation Services including secure cloud-based document hosting and retrieval.