Your Documents Your Trust

International Materials Handling Supplies Pooling Company


An international materials handling company specializing in the pooling of pallets, uses a document called a Pallet Control Note to evidence a transaction (e.g. proof of delivery). Pallet Control Notes were being created in such volumes that the organization found itself literally “buried in paper”. Documents were stored wherever space could be found (e.g. in cartons on top of filing cabinets). Subsequent retrieval of a document in response to a customer query was extremely difficult, if not impossible, often resulting in lost pallets and/or not being paid by the customer.


  • How to reduce the time involved in retrieving Pallet Control Notes in response to customer inquiries
  • How to reduce the incidence of lost or misplaced Pallet Control Notes and thus the loss of pallets as well as their revenue
  • How to reduce the storage space devoted to the massive volume of Pallet Control Notes


By scanning and indexing the Pallet Control Notes and making them available for subsequent retrieval on the company’s local area network (LAN), the customer could now instantly access any document using retrieval software supplied by ACI.


  • Virtual elimination of time-consuming and thus costly document searches thereby increasing employee productivity.
  • The drastic reduction of lost or misplaced Pallet Control Notes thereby decreasing the incidence of lost pallets while ensuring prompt payment for pallet deliveries.
  • The elimination of the space required to store hard copy Pallet Control Notes.