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Leading Waste Recycler


A leading Canadian waste recycler with a shared services centre and multiple field operations in Canada and the US, found itself overwhelmed with accounts payable documents. Because the organization’s document handling procedures were cumbersome, provision for storage of these documents and their subsequent retrieval was less than adequate. Not only was expensive service centre space being devoted to storage of an ever-increasing volume of accounts payable documents, but off-premises storage also had to be used. Consequently, response time to any queries from the field was very slow, causing strained relations among field operations, the shared services centre and suppliers.


  • How to reduce the time involved at the shared services centre in handling accounts payable queries from regional operations and suppliers.
  • How to reduce the time and associated cost involved in filing and retrieving hardcopy accounts payable documents.
  • How to reduce valuable space (and cost) involved in the storage of hardcopy accounts payable documents at both the regional operations and shared services centre.


After carefully analyzing the company’s document handling procedures, ACI was able to provide an outsourcing solution for the scanning, indexing and Internet retrieval of their hardcopy accounts payable documents.


  • Virtual elimination of space (and cost) devoted to the storage of hardcopy accounts payable documents.
  • Elimination of time-consuming and costly manual filing of accounts payable documents
  • Instant retrieval of accounts payable information in response to queries from the regions.
  • Reduction in the number of staff required to handle accounts payable queries.
  • Improved relations among field operations, the shared services centre and suppliers.