Your Documents Your Trust

Major North American Brewery


A major North American brewery’s 13 regional operations were struggling to obtain timely accounts payable information from their shared services centre. ACI’s history with this organization began in the early 80’s with microfilming accounts payable documents for one of its regional offices. As the benefits of digitizing became apparent (i.e. instant document retrievability, elimination of manual filing) the organization moved from microfilming to digitizing accounts payable documents for all its regional operations. Each regional operation however still had to channel any accounts payable query through the shared services centre.


    • How to further improve the process of handling accounts payable queries from the regional operations.


By storing the organization’s accounts payable information on ACI’s image warehouse servers, authorized users in the brewery’s regional operations could instantly access required accounts payable information via the Internet.


    • Accounts payable queries from the regional operations can now be handled directly over the Internet, allowing valuable time in the shared services centre to be put to more productive use.
    • Response time in handling accounts payable queries from any point within the organization is dramatically improved.
    • Accounts payable documents can be made available on the web much sooner than when channelled through the shared services centre.
    • The brewery’s auditors, located remotely from the shared services centre, can now instantly access accounts payable documents on the Internet thereby saving travel time and expense.
    • The organization now requires fewer shared services centre staff to handle accounts payable queries.