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Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


A major international pharmaceutical manufacturer, had for years operated on a relatively modest scale in Canada. The firm then entered a growth mode, acquiring new operating units that added to its complexity and placed new demands on its shared services centre resources including management of Accounts Payable. With ACI’s help, the firm was quick to see how document imaging would allow it to better cope with growth. ACI provided the scanning and indexing services for their accounts payable documents, allowing users to access these documents locally. While this solution produced major productivity gains in terms of the elimination of manual filing and faster document retrieval, the firm was still open to new methods that might improve its overall management of its Accounts Payable in an environment of growth.


  • How to further streamline the Accounts Payable management process and allow the firm to cope with the increasing demands created by organizational growth.


By storing the organization’s accounts payable information on ACI’s image warehouse servers, authorized users in the organization’s many business units can instantly access required accounts payable information via the Internet.


  • Accounts payable queries from the various business units can now be handled directly over the Internet, allowing valuable time in the shared services centre to be put to more productive use.
  • Accounts payable documents can be made available on the web much sooner than when channelled through the shared services centre.
  • End users are enjoying a dramatic improvement in the time required to respond to their accounts payable queries.
  • The organization has been able to take on additional business units with no additional staff required in the shared services centre.