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Success Story Summary

Multi-Site Ontario Community Hospital

A multi-site Ontario Community Hospital’s Emergency Department used hardcopy patient records that were becoming extremely labour intensive to manage. The department handled in excess… READ MORE

Global Telecommunications Corporation

A Global Telecommunications Corporation was experiencing difficulty in handling an ever increasing volume of incoming Accounts Payable mail, leading to excessive processing delays… READ MORE

Major North American Brewery

A major North American brewery’s 13 regional operations were struggling to obtain timely accounts payable information from their shared services centre. ACI’s history with… READ MORE

Leading Waste Recycler

A leading Canadian waste recycler with a shared services centre and multiple field operations in Canada and the US, found itself overwhelmed with accounts payable documents… READ MORE

Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

A major international pharmaceutical manufacturer, had for years operated on a relatively modest scale in Canada. The firm then entered a growth mode, acquiring new operating units that added to its complexity… READ MORE

Prominent Canadian Metal Fabricator

A prominent Canadian steel supplier custom fabricates metal tubing used largely in the automotive field. A single hand-written Work Order containing critical production information… READ MORE

International Materials Handling Supplies Pooling Company

An international materials handling company specializing in the pooling of pallets, uses a document called a Pallet Control Note to evidence a transaction (e.g. proof of delivery). Pallet Control Notes… READ MORE