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Why Digital Imaging? Why Outsource?

Why Digital Imaging?

Some of the benefits of implementing an imaging solution are:

  • Elimination of filing activity significantly reducing labour cost.
  • Much faster and easier access to business documents permitting more timely business decisions and improving productivity
  • Freeing up office space devoted to the storage of business documents
  • Elimination of lost or misplaced documents
  • Elimination of document duplication and distribution costs (e.g. photocopying)
  • Secure “for your eyes only” document access
  • Digital backup for protection from loss through disaster
  • Elimination of microfilm equipment, supplies and maintenance costs

These, plus many other economic benefits, make it easy to build your business case for a digital imaging solution with a short ROI and payback period.

Why Outsource?

Management consultant Tom Peters recently wrote that ‘90% of white-collar jobs will be altered beyond recognition in the next 10 to 15 years.’ He lists Outsourcing as one of the five major trends driving this predicted change, and for good reason. Utilizing a service bureau to support an organization’s document & data management requirements delivers a wide range of important and strategic benefits.

Predictable Costs

Because you only pay for what you need or use, organizations are able to implement a document & data management solution for a fixed monthly fee. And best of breed solutions can be implemented without the often long, drawn-out process of obtaining capital spending approvals. When you outsource, the cost is a budgetable monthly expense.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The cost of IT support and management for internal document & data management systems is often overlooked when considering the total cost of ownership for such systems. In the outsourcing model, the burden of these costs lies with the service bureau/ASP – and is included in the monthly fee.

Fast and Simple Implementation

ACI can set up a new customer with our Image Warehouse service in a matter of days. That’s because the hardware, software and networking infrastructure is already in place. We simply plug new clients into the existing system, and they are up and running.

Leverage Application Expertise

As a service bureau and document retrieval ASP dedicated to document  & data management, we are experts in the applications we host and support. Unlike internal IT staff that is often asked to support a variety of often complex business applications, our staff is highly trained in the systems and applications that deliver our Image Warehouse services.

Faster Simpler Application Upgrades

Centralizing application administration in a single location means that ACI’s clients don’t need to worry about getting or installing the latest software releases, as they are made available via manufacturers. We test new releases as soon as they are available, and implement them for our customers quickly.

Business Continuance

Most organizations don’t photocopy or microfilm their working paper documents… it’s just too cost prohibitive. That’s why storing electronic images of your important documents offsite, in a secure data center, is the perfect insurance policy against disasters.

How ACI Can Help You

For almost 40 years, ACI has been helping organizations in both the private and public sectors manage documents & data more cost-effectively. Specifically, ACI has been helping organizations throughout North America to improve the productivity of their document & data management operations while reducing the risk of lost or misplaced documents, plus any associated penalties.

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