AP Automation Can Positively Impact Your Work Environment

The information and digital age has drastically improved the way organizations operate. From hospitals in the public sector to private law firms and corporations, companies are sharing data digitally and relying on instant communication systems to be more productive, while saving time and money simultaneously.

Complex tasks and processes are often handled with the click of a button; this reduces the amount of time it takes to be completed. However, there is one complex task that relies heavily on human capital, laborious hours and a large amount of paperwork – that when combined – causes a bottleneck within the department: Accounts Payable.

The process of sorting through invoices and waiting for them to be approved before they can be paid is a long, time-consuming process that requires the efforts of several people month after month. As a result, the process causes a bottleneck within any organization, preventing your company’s ability to achieve its productivity goals within a specific time period.

What organizations are not capitalizing on is the effectiveness of an automated AP system that can save a lot of time and money, while empowering employees to be more productive handling other tasks throughout the day. AP automation is a workflow system that automates the accounts payable process within the AP department. Rather than spending valuable time reviewing and scanning invoices before they are in queue waiting to be approved, an AP automation workflow digitizes and completely automates this process. It automatically scans invoices, which are then securely stored on a server and can be reviewed at a later time. It eliminates paperwork and the tedious task of waiting for invoices to be approved before the payment due date.

With an automated workflow system, you and your team will have more time and energy to work on other tasks, thus becoming more efficient and productive as opposed to hours of manual labour handling paperwork. In addition, an AP automation workflow solution will prevent invoices from being lost or misplaced simply because they will be automatically scanned and stored on the server. This also reduces the amount of mistakes that can occur before an invoice is paid.

A successful business requires time, energy and money in order for it to run effectively. ACI’s AP Assistant™ Accounts Payable Workflow Automation is a system that will deliver a strong return on investment because of the list of benefits it will provide your organization, including reducing bottlenecking within a very important department.

To learn more about how ACI can become an integral part of your success, contact our team. We will illustrate how the program works, and how it will transform your business.

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