The Benefits Of OCR Technology For Your Business

Paperwork is a necessary evil that all businesses must deal with. But what if there was a way to streamline how paperwork is processed and used at your business? If your employees’ desks are overflowing with neverending physical documents, leveraging OCR technology with the help of an experienced provider could make your business day a lot easier.

What is OCR technology?

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is a technology that allows for the conversion of various types of documents like PDF files, images and even scanned paper documents into searchable, editable data. This technology uses a digital camera and a fine reading program to capture information in all visual forms (text, pictures, charts, etc.). OCR can extract text from paper, Excel and Word documents and books, similarly to a traditional scanner. However, this technology is more advanced for it transforms the information into data that can be shared and edited by those with access.

The technology involved in OCR scans documents and identifies keywords that enable it to index the document while checking its validity. Then, the document can be uploaded directly to your document management system and seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

Although OCR technology was first invented in the 1990s, it is continuously evolving. Eventually, OCR technology will do away with the need for companies to have entire rooms dedicated to storing physical papers, records, files and documents.

How Businesses Can Adopt OCR Technology

OCR is complex. And for businesses who want to reap the benefits of this technology, it’s recommended to work with an established and experienced document solutions provider. Unfortunately, many businesses who choose to leverage this technology in-house have limited resources – and in turn risk productivity, security and accuracy.

Working with an expert will allow you to gain the full benefits of OCR and access additional value, such as control and validation.

OCR technology offers many benefits:

  • Optimize productivity: With this sustainable and accessible technology, employees will spend less time processing paperwork and more time actually working.

  • Secure storage: OCR allows for document storage in a secure virtual cloud setting. There is no need to worry about someone breaking into your storage room to steal documents or sharing valuable company information with strangers.

  • Customizable, accurate documents: With OCR, documents are customized to your company’s needs. This includes fonts, formatting and layout. Additionally, OCR can read different languages, numerical text and images and convert them without losing data points.

  • Reduce human error: You’ll never have to deal with misplaced paperwork again, so human error is reduced.

With the help of a document solutions provider, your business can streamline workflow processes and automate systems with OCR technology.

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