Business Process Automation Increases Efficiency

AP Assistant™

Streamline Efficiencies, Reduce Paper Handling, Improve Internal Controls and Increase Invoice Compliance!

ACI’s In-House AP Assistant™ will save you time – and increase efficiencies across the AP department

If you are looking to streamline your Accounts Payable processes and realize greater efficiencies, ACI’s In-House AP Assistant™ Automated AP Workflow Solution is what you’ve been looking for. In-House AP Assistant™ is the most robust, end-to-end invoice processing solution available today. We’ve incorporated all the required Best Practices into In-House AP Assistant™ to give your organization a state-of-the-art AP tool that will get the job done quicker and much easier than ever before!

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Automated AP Workflow Solution
In-House AP Assistant™ will allow your AP team to:

  • Process invoices in a timely and accurate manner
  • Instantly access information securely
  • Process digital and hard copy invoices seamlessly
  • Process PO and recurring invoices without human intervention
  • Benefit from convenient workflow tools to handle exceptions and process non-PO invoices
  • Accelerate decision-making processes to expedite invoice approvals
  • Capitalize on early-payment discounts and avoid penalties for late-payment – saving time and money
  • Prevent data entry errors
  • Eliminate double-payments
  • Increase productivity to minimize costs
  • Take advantage of powerful audit and compliance capabilities
  • Achieve increased overall security of data & information

In ANY organization, In-House AP Assistant™ eliminates many manual AP processes such as:

  • Invoice Data Entry
  • Three-way Invoice Matching
  • G/L Invoice Coding
  • Manual Invoice Exception Handling
  • Filing and Retrieving of Hardcopy Invoices
  • Archival Storage of Hardcopy Documents

Some of the ERP’s ACI’s solution has interfaced with include:

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft
  • JD Edwards
  • Lawson
  • Baan
  • Sage 300 (formerly Accpac)
  • 4th Shift
  • Capp Auto
  • Yardi

A decision to automate your accounts payable process should take into account every manual step that would be required. With In-House AP Assistant™, your entire AP process will be streamlined and completely automated, reclaiming valuable time for your organization, while eliminating tedious manual tasks. Once you have ACI’s In-House AP Assistant Workflow Automation implemented – you will be equipped to benefit from ACI’s full suite of automation solutions (Mailroom, AP & AR).


  • How will my organization benefit from AP Automation?

    ACI’s AP Assistant is a comprehensive Accounts Payable Workflow Automation solution designed to replace manual AP processes and reduce costs through increased organizational efficiency. AP Assistant provides a complete end-to-end resource to meet all AP invoice processing needs and reduces AP invoice processing time by up to 17 days. Another great benefit of AP Automation is that the entire AP process can now be handled remotely.

  • Does AP Automation integrate with my accounting system?

    ACI’s AP Assistant interfaces with any accounting system that has the ability to import and export data files.

  • Does the AP Assistant solution automate all aspects of the invoice approval process?

    AP Assistant handles the entire invoice approval process – including image & data capture, data validation (including 3-way matching), invoice routing and approval. AP Assistant – will move your AP department closer to touchless invoice processing.

  • How does the approval process work with ACI’s AP automation solution?

    Client-defined business rules and workflow routes are established during system implementation. All PO and recurring invoices that meet the predefined criteria are automatically approved – and any unmatched invoices are workflow routed for exception handling. Each exception handled in AP Assistant adds to the intelligence of the system – increasing match rates for future transactions.

  • How will AP Automation improve my organization’s bottom line?

    AP Assistant Automated Invoice processing saves your organization money by significantly cutting expenses through increased efficiency. Duplicate invoice payments are a major financial drain facing many organizations and manual data entry is one of those tedious jobs that is almost impossible to perform without ever making a mistake – AP Assistant eliminates these costly errors. AP Assistant will also permit you to realize cost savings by taking advantage of early payment discounts and avoiding late payment fees.

If you’re ready to streamline your AP processes and enable your valuable employees to focus more on the work that really matters – reach out to one of our AP specialists today.  Click here to contact us.