Business Process Automation Increases Efficiency


ACI is a leader and authority in document & data management and has been providing services to its clients for almost 40 years. Our longevity and long-term relationships with some of Canada’s top companies demonstrates the level of customer service and innovative solutions we provide. As a trusted service provider, our focus is on accuracy, integrity and customer service in a secure and confidential environment which maintains rigorous physical and logical security standards. Our mission is to help organizations streamline their document processes while minimizing document storage costs and significantly reducing operating expenses.

Here are some of the solutions to assist your organization in achieving these goals:

Virtual Office Transition

Transition Seamlessly To A Virtual Office With The Help Of Ash Conversions
ACI Can Help You Navigate The Transition To A Virtual Office

As a result of current global events we have recently all been thrown into a giant experiment with respect to working remotely – within what has been coined ‘the virtual office’. And contrary to much apprehension, it appears to have gone pretty well… Read more

Accounts Payable Automation

Reduce Overall Accounts Payable Costs By Up To 50%!
Introducing ACI’s AP Assistant™
The New Standard in Automated Invoice Processing

If you are looking to save time and money by streamlining your Accounts Payable processes, ACI’s AP Assistant™ Accounts Payable Workflow Automation Solution is the answer you’ve been looking for. AP Assistant™ is the most robust, end-to-end invoice processing solution available today… Read more

Accounts Receivable Automation

Cut AR Processing Costs By Up To 80%!
Reduce DSO By As Much As An Entire Week!

Accounts Receivable contributes greatly to the overall accuracy of the entire accounting process – helping paint a concise picture of what is happening financially in a business at any given time. Paper-based and stodgy, complicated first-generation electronic documents can bottleneck the AR procedure and leave room for potential error and inaccuracy… Read more

Travel & Expense Automation

Simplify Expense Reporting Processes And Increase Employee Productivity With ACI’s Automated Cloud-based Expense Report Processing Solution!

Traditional approaches to managing expenses are paper-intensive and error-prone.  XR Assistant™ gives employees the flexibility to easily and quickly submit their expenses using any smart device while eliminating hardcopy filing, long delays, and policy compliance errors… Read more

Digital Mailroom Automation

Eliminate your hardcopy mailroom – Reduce costs while increasing efficiency!
Announcing ACI’s Digital Mailroom Manager™ Enterprise Mailroom Workflow Automation & Management Solution

Hardcopy document management at any level, is the enemy of efficiency. Traditional mailroom management including manually receiving, opening, sorting and distributing mail across an enterprise is time-consuming and an unnecessary cost burden to any organization. While email has replaced much of what used to arrive as hardcopy – there is still a significant volume of mail that is physically received at most businesses today… Read more

Document and Data Capture & Processing

Manual Document Management… Many Inherent Costs

The manual process of filing and retrieving documents consumes a significant amount of time and as a result, adds unnecessary costs to any organization… Read more

Cloud Document Retrieval

Secure & Easy Access To Your Information – From Anywhere!

Cloud-based document & data management is all about access – no matter where the work is being done. With recent global events that have impacted most every part of our lives, it has become increasingly important for businesses to be able to function… Read more