Turn Your Mailbox into a Digital Mailroom

There is a suite of automation services that significantly benefit businesses – accounts payable workflow systems, automated accounts receivable solutions and file retrieval solutions. Each of these automated workflow systems is designed to save organizations money allowing funds to be repurposed. Employees become more productive because less time is spent on mundane tasks associated with handling paperwork. Less money is spent on paperwork including storage and retrieval. Plus, automation is designed to protect your business: going digital reduces the chances of documents and files being misplaced and/or lost.

Did you know you could also transform your mail?

The average office receives approximately 100,000 pieces of mail per month. Time is spent sorting through the mail; date stamping it and possibly making copies for record keeping. This manual workflow system costs money and takes valuable time away from an employee’s daily tasks.

A digital mailroom virtually eliminates the process of receiving, opening and handling all pieces of mail. A digital mailroom is the automation of incoming mail. Document scanning and data capture technologies are used to digitize all incoming mail which is scanned at a secure facility, indexed and workflow routed according to established business rules. This workflow system helps organizations gain more control over the mail process by outsourcing it to an organization with digital workflow technology expertise.

The process of digitizing a mailroom makes it easier to convert mail into email, eliminating the need to copy and mail paperwork. This also greatly reduces the risk of misplacing and even losing mail. The result is an office that is more productive.digital-mailroom

ACI’s Digital Mailroom Manager ™

At ACI Document Management Solutions, we specialize in providing document management solutions with emphasis on document processing and automation.

While email is a preferred way of handing documents from one company to another, many organizations consistently receive hardcopy paperwork by mail. ACI’s Digital Mailroom Manager ™ converts your mailroom into a digital one. All of your mail is captured, indexed and digitally sent to the right recipient and department. This workflow solution reduces costs and makes documents readily available at the snap of a finger.

We respect your privacy; all your mail is handled with complete confidentiality and the digital workflow ensures that your mail is available at all times.

To learn more about implementing a digital mailroom within your organization, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you and work to improve workflow systems within your business.

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