Business Process Automation Increases Efficiency

Introducing XR Assistant

Simplify Expense Reporting Processes and Increase Employee Productivity With Aci’s Automated Cloud-Based Expense Report Processing Solution!

Traditional approaches to managing expenses are paper-intensive and error-prone.
XR Assistant™ gives employees the flexibility to easily and quickly submit their expenses using any smart device while eliminating hardcopy filing, long delays, and policy compliance errors.

XR Assistant From ACI
Key Features & Benefits Enjoyed With XR Assistant™

With XR Assistant™ you will benefit from personalized, automated workflows that work with your company’s expense process, helping to reduce processing time. From simple rules that help prevent non-compliant submissions, to automatic notifications to managers of expenses that require their attention, automated workflows can save staff time and lower processing costs.

Enforcing your company’s expense policy is an essential part of expense management. XR Assistant™ provides automated real-time validation of all expense reports allowing your organization to control spending by automatically enforcing compliance with corporate policies.

XR Assistant™ reduces turnaround time by improving accessibility for faster submission, approval, and employee reimbursement. Employees can initiate the process by submitting expenses while still on the road – and managers can immediately review and approve expenses for payment.

ACI’s productivity toolset makes it easy for companies to review spending, look for trends and use that information to negotiate discounts. Whether your managers want to quickly review expense spending against a budget or your financial analysts want to dig deeper into company-wide trends, configurable reports with handy export features within XR Assistant™can accomplish this.


To learn more about how ACI can help you make expense reporting simpler, easier and faster – reach out to one of ACI’s Expense Report specialists to arrange for a demonstration of XR Assistant™ –  Click here to contact us today.

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